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If you only want to try surfing some days during your holidays, or the whole schedule of the full surf courses don´t suit you, you can now just choose how many single days you want to do it. 

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Surfing Courses in Lanzarote

Come to surf in Lanzarote, JOIN our your surfing courses with VolcanoKite Surf School and have a blast during your holidays.

In Lanzarote there are many things to do, when there is wind we kite-surf, and when there is not we can always go for really fun surfing sessions. So be ready for some action anyway the weather wants it to be.


First of all, Surfing it's all about fun. Prerequisites for fun are safety, right equipment and achieving your goals. This is exactly what our teaching methodology is based on, the successful and globally recognized educational approach of British Surfing Association (BSA). Most of our experienced instructors are  certified by the BSA and trained lifeguards, certified by the Surfing Life Saving Association (SLSA).


Children over 6 years of age who can already swim can take part in the surf lessons. The experiences taught us that pure children groups are not very effective. Children and adults benefit in many ways from each other and learn together better and faster. Without any stress or pressure the kids are introduced to their first steps in the water. First, they get used to the sea and the waves, then they learn to glide on the water and then it comes to surfing.

Classes are always held in a secure waist depth waters where the children can stand and always close to their instructor.


The Surfing Course includes everything you need:

- 5 day Surfing course

- Insurance

- Displacements

- wetsuit

- Board

- Leash, licra, wax..etc

- Accommodation not included (ask for availability)


Price for 5 day Surfing Course

 375 €

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